We recently received the following letter in regard to one of our articles. We are putting it on the web site with permission of the author. This letter deals with Adult “ADHD”.

Pastor Coomer

I have been enjoying your articles on “Raising spiritual children”. Thank you very much. It really is simple if one just obeys the scriptures.

We recently bought a company and one of the guys who is 54 years old, told me he has adult ADHD. I was asking him why he asks me the same questions over and over, interrupts when I’m talking and has a wandering mind. About the same time, I saw an ad on T.V. (that dreadful box that must go) for adult ADHD. I thought, “now I’ve seen everything – what next”. The secular world is looking in all the wrong places for the answers. They have a “pill” for everything – even “road rage”.

Last night I “googled” “adult ADHD” and was amazed at all the replies. I went to one site and they had a list of questions to see if one has ADHD. Of all the questions I read, there were none where that type of behavior couldn’t be sorted out with a stick/rod/strap – and  that needed to be done from when the child was young.

It is so sad to see that people actually believe there is something physiologically wrong with these children – including Fundamental Independent Baptist congregations. Children only show these symptoms when they are UNDISCIPLINED. Unfortunately, by the time a child is 6, 9 or 12 it is too late and that child is ruined for life.

I was undisciplined as a child and I battled all my life with conflict. I am now 53 years old and while I am better with some things, I still show some “symptoms”. When I was young, I had nervous twitches, a stutter and was totally out of control as a result of a father that didn’t discipline me and a domineering mother. My mind used to wonder, I couldn’t concentrate on my schoolwork and was always in another world. I have since made up ground, and the Lord has been gracious in allowing me to overtake my peers from those days in various achievements – most of all being “born again”. Praise the Lord I thank the Lord I didn’t turn out to be a homosexual, as from a secular survey done in this country, it was found that 78% of homosexuals came from a home that had a dominant, smothering, aggressive mother, and a weak, detached, hostile father. The poor child literally didn’t know if they were “Arthur or Martha”. It’s got nothing to do with genes, hormones or playing with dolls. Only when the God ordained order is not maintained in the home, things fall to pieces.

It is very difficult to tell parents that they have failed, according to Proverbs 22:6. One can only really teach newlyweds and young parents how to raise their children. One of the elder’s children in the church we were in, were all hyperactive (read, undisciplined) and they would chase each other around the sanctuary and climb over the pews. He would call them to stop but it would happen the following week.

I always say there are no bad students or bad children – just bad teachers and bad parents. Every time you find a child with ADHD, you’ll find he/she has wimps for parents. A child who is disciplined and has been brought up correctly, won’t have ADHD.

As I said, these children will be ruined for life. Of course the Lord can change people etc but I have yet to see the man that has turned his life around, and the marriage that the Lord has “healed”. I tell people, the Lord doesn’t heal marriages, He changes people’s hearts so they behave differently. I’m not talking about stopping drinking or smoking as we shouldn’t do that anyway and that is “our reasonable service”.

Anyway, I didn’t intend to go on so long, just wanted to tell you about adult ADHD, of which I’m sure you’re well aware and that it has nothing to do with anything except lack of discipline. I don’t mean continual beating, but pick your clothes up, tidy your room, greet your mother, do your homework, be ready for church, it’s time to pray, say hello to MR & MRS JONES (not Bert and Mildred) have you done your chores? etc. etc. I know I am “sending coal to Newcastle” and “preaching to the converted” and that’s why it’s good to mail you.

God bless you and keep up the good work.