In an article written by Ken Kusmer of the Associated Press, July 27, 2005, there were some whopping statistics presented on the number of children in Indiana living in homes where no parent is working.  He said, “The percentage of Indiana children living in families where no parent had a full-time, year around job worsened to 30 percent in 2003 from 27 percent three years earlier, accelerating the risk the kids would get sick or pregnant and turn to crime”.

Another staggering statistic from the latest Kids Count Data Book by the Anita E. Casey Foundation is that 15 percent, or nearly one in six children, lived in a family where the head of the household did not finish high school.  Across the country, 1 out of 4 children do not graduate from high school.

The latest statistics showed about 54,000 low-income Indiana children in 2003 lived in households where neither parent nor any other adult had worked during the previous year.

The teen birth rate in Indiana was 45 births per 1000 females ages 15-19, the latest national rate was 43 per 1,000.  Another staggering statistic provided by The National Fatherhood Institute is that in the United States 40 percent of all children have not seen their father in the last year.  Of all marriages across the nation 57.7 percent end in divorce with many more people not even bothering to get married.

Folks, these are staggering statistics.  It also shows how much serious trouble we are in.  These numbers are getting bigger and more people are depending on social programs for their survival rather than take responsibility for themselves.  Just remember that the children that are coming through this will likely live in the same manner their parents or whoever is raising them have and their children will likely live the same way or worse.

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