Thank you for reading today. Our greatest desire is that you would be encouraged in the Lord! In my daily time with God in His Word today, the Holy Spirit spoke to me about the issue of rebellion. This has been a subject in our Biblical Counseling program that we find is a serious issue in the folks that come for Biblical Counseling. Because of not having a real relationship with God rebellion has taken a deep foot hold in their lives.

A Real Life Example  

Many years ago when I first got out of Bible College, I returned home to my home town and was invited to speak at a church that had been started about a year earlier. My little league baseball coach was the pastor. He was ill and asked me to fill in. While he was seriously ill he wanted to come to hear me preach. I had no idea about the history of the new start up.

 There were about 30 people there that day and God had spoken to my heart to preach on rebellion out Numbers 16. I did not know why but it was sure a definite message from God to preach this message!

A little over a year earlier the pastor of the church they had attended had a heart attack and was in the hospital fighting for his life. While he was in the hospital this group had decided to remove him as pastor and put in as pastor my former coach. A big fight ensued and this group left to start the new church.

A few months later my coach had a severe heart attack and was unable to preach. As I preached that day on the rebellion of Kora let’s just say the people were listening intently and the looks I got were like I knew something. I did not but God did!

Kora and His Group Are An Example to Us

Numbers 16:19-35, And Korah gathered all the congregation against them unto the door of the tabernacle of the congregation: and the glory of the LORD appeared unto all the congregation. (20)  And the LORD spake unto Moses and unto Aaron, saying, (21) Separate yourselves from among this congregation, that I may consume them in a moment.  (22)  And they fell upon their faces, and said, O God, the God of the spirits of all flesh, shall one man sin, and wilt thou be wroth with all the congregation?  (23)  And the LORD spake unto Moses, saying, (24) Speak unto the congregation, saying, Get you up from about the tabernacle of Korah, Dathan, and Abiram.  (25)  And Moses rose up and went unto Dathan and Abiram; and the elders of Israel followed him.  (26) And he spake unto the congregation, saying, Depart, I pray you, from the tents of these wicked men, and touch nothing of theirs, lest ye be consumed in all their sins.  (27)  So they gat up from the tabernacle of Korah, Dathan, and Abiram, on every side: and Dathan and Abiram came out, and stood in the door of their tents, and their wives, and their sons, and their little children.  (28) And Moses said, Hereby ye shall know that the LORD hath sent me to do all these works; for I have not done them of mine own mind.  (29) If these men die the common death of all men, or if they be visited after the visitation of all men; then the LORD hath not sent me. (30)  But if the LORD make a new thing, and the earth open her mouth, and swallow them up, with all that appertain unto them, and they go down quick into the pit; then ye shall understand that these men have provoked the LORD.  (31)  And it came to pass, as he had made an end of speaking all these words, that the ground clave asunder that was under them:  (32) And the earth opened her mouth, and swallowed them up, and their houses, and all the men that appertained unto Korah, and all their goods(33)  They, and all that appertained to them, went down alive into the pit, and the earth closed upon them: and they perished from among the congregation.  (34)  And all Israel that were round about them fled at the cry of them: for they said, Lest the earth swallow us up also.  (35)  And there came out a fire from the LORD, and consumed the two hundred and fifty men that offered incense.

Something to Learn Here 

First of all, God hates rebellion.  Kora thought he would win because he had strength in numbers. Rebellious people can have strength, but their strength is in their rebellion.  Their strength is not from God, but in their wickedness. In verse 26, Moses said, Depart, I pray you, from the tents of these wicked men, and touch nothing of theirs, lest ye be consumed in all their sins. 

Secondly, rebellious people are unified in their ungodly living, disrespect of authority, and lack of spiritual mindedness. They wish power, but not spiritual power.

Thirdly, rebellion is always deceitful. Satan uses it to promise something he cannot deliver. A rebellious person is a prideful person, not a spiritual minded person.  They can talk religious things, put on an outward show that looks really spiritual, but their life is a filled with fear, anxiety, and ungodly ambition.  They justify their actions, to put on an appearance of spirituality, but the private reality is much different. It is a show for power and prestige, but it is not spiritually real.    

How Not to Be a Rebel

Make sure your relationship with God is a real, intimate, personal, and passionate relationship with Him. Focus on godly thinking rather than carnal (selfish) thinking. When rebellious thoughts come and they all start in the mind, stop, think, and turn them over to God.  “Lord I want to turn these thoughts over to you.”  Rebels always exaggerate their grievances and make them bigger. They also talk to others as Korah did to “to get them on their side.”  Did you see the serious results for Kora? Remember this!

The Person Who Keeps Their Mind Spiritually 
 Focused Can Have Peace

Isaiah 26:3-5, Thou wilt keep him in perfect peace, whose mind is stayed on thee: because he trusteth in thee. (4) Trust ye in the LORD for ever: for in the LORD JEHOVAH is everlasting strength:  (5)  For he bringeth down them that dwell on high; the lofty city, he layeth it low; he layeth it low, even to the ground; he bringeth it even to the dust.

Note: For further information on this subject we have an excellent book, scroll down to the book store below. The Anatomy of A Rebel-How to Have the Wisdom of God Not to Be One 

Remember, be the vessel God can use today by asking the Holy Spirit to show you if you are living your life not dealing with your sin (lusts)?  Are you living in the sin of allowing selfish carnal thinking or listening to rule your life and making you react or rationalize your sin?  Therefore, are you are living a rebellious life?

Be all you can be for Him today and have a powerful testimony of living a Spirit controlled yielded godly life that is serving and living with humility, joy and peace! We encourage you today to make Jesus Christ real in your life by humbly yielding to Him at the point of impact and living for Him, not the life of selfish carnal thinking and speaking. It is an important choice! Tell God you want to yield yourself to Him today and be a trusting, useful, and rewarded servant! Be the person who can help, not the person who always needs help! Rejoice in Him today!

We pray for many of you daily!  May we all humble ourselves before God and focus on having compassion on others!

With a heart to glorify God and serving the God of answers,

Dr. Terry L. Coomer
Director, Hope Biblical Counseling and Training