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Dr. David Sorenson

Training Your Children To Turn Out Right

Cover-Training Your Children to Turn Out RightThis book is filled with the Training Your Children To Turn Out Right Word of God. Pastor Sorenson tells us what the Bible says, helps us to understand it and encourages us to obey it. He then encourages us further by reminding us that “The principles of God’s Word are the complete answer to the needs of the training of our children.”

“This book is the best work I have seen on the subject of training our children. I highly recommend it.” Pastor Terry L. Coomer – For the Love of the Family Ministries.

What does the Bible teach about raising children? Training your Children to Turn Out Right equips Christian parents with biblical principles for character development and spiritual growth to help their children turn out right.

Widely acclaimed and distributed, Training your Children to Turn Out Right is now in its fourth printing. Many Christian leaders have commented that it is the best book they have read on the subject. In keeping with Dr. Sorenson’s style, this book is easy to read, yet packed with in-depth Scriptural principles and illustrated with poignant illustrations from real life.

Price: $14.00


The Art of Pastoring

Cover-The Art of Pastoring

The Art of Pastoring recognizes the importance of preaching and church The Art Of Pastoring administration, but focuses instead on a frequent area of weakness, pastoring people. “Without a question, it is crucial for a pastor to be skilled in preaching and in the program management of a local church. However, if he does not pastor his people, his ministry will neither be happy nor long in one place.”

“It is the goal of this book to share the principles contained in the Scripture which pertain to pastoring people.”

Price: $15.00


Have a Heavenly Marriage

Cover-Have A Heavenly Marriage

Full of memorable illustrations and numerous case Have A Heavenly Marriage scenarios, Have a Heavenly Marriage explains simple, clear scriptural principles that any child of God can follow. It is easy, gripping reading that focuses on the true causes, not just the symptoms, of sour relationships.

Christians in a corrupt world are surrounded by all manner of ugliness, bitterness, frustration, distrust and trouble. Sadly, these things characterize many Christian homes as well; but God meant for the Christian marriage to be a tranquil partnership, producing a true haven from the world’s pressures.

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Touch Not the Unclean Thing

Cover-Touch Not The Unclean Thing

Touch Not the Unclean Thing is a strong defence of the traditional Received Text of the New Testament and by extension, the King James Version of the Bible. The author provides extensive historical and factual documentation for his assertions, with more than 450 citations and a bibliography of 150 historical sources.

Dr. Sorenson connects the biblical principle of separation from apostasy to the Bible text issue. Historically documenting the fact that almost all editors of the modern Critical Text have direct associations with theological liberalism or apostasy.

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Understanding The Bible

Cover-Understanding the Bible

Understanding The Bible, an Independent Baptist Commentary, is a must for church libraries. Understanding the Bible is both a tool for pastors and a help to laymen.

Dr. David H. Sorenson of NorthStar Baptist Church has worked on this project for over ten years. Although very scholarly, this work is written for pastors and Christian workers on the firing line. Pastor Sorenson is a pastor, church planter, soul winner, church builder, and a widely read author whose writing style is eminently readable.

Price: $350.00