Don Jasmin

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Dr. Don Jasmin

Why Do Fundamental Schools Go Apostate? 15 years of extensive research Dr. Don Jasmin has written an excellent book on apostasy entitled Why Do Fundamental Schools Go Apostate? This 270 page treatise is based on the historical rise and spiritual ruins of the Northfield-Mt. Hermon schools founded by the famed 19th century evangelist D. L. Moody.
Permeated with extensive documentation, this book traces the sad pathway of these schools in their downward slide to apostasy. This treatise also discloses how many professing Fundamentalist schools today are following a similar route today that will lead to their eventual spiritual demise.

This book is a real eye-opener that is must reading for all parents and pastors. This book could help preserve many young people/potential Christian workers from future spiritual travesties.

This book also includes 11 pages of rare photos of D. L. Moody’s life and ministry in Northfield, Chicago and around the world, as well as pictures of some of his preaching and musical associates, a historical photographic gem.

Price: $12.00