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Dr. Randy and Shirley Starr

The Cancer Earthquake

December 25, 2014 would be a Christmas to remember for my wife and me. After a wild pre-dawn rush to a Florida emergency room, our new detour began – the cancer earthquake had shaken our family. We both were shell-shocked to hear the term “lymphoma” and realized we had to act immediately upon the advice of the ER doctor. Our life was now on hold.To make matters worse, we were 1000 miles from home with no friends, family, and our church family. However, we were never really alone as our Lord Jesus Christ was with us every step of the way.

How could we use this trial of life to help others? We immediately were burdened to write a book from the aspect of patient and caregiver, since each faces different challenges.

This book is a chronological journal of the days and weeks of our five month journey with cancer and chemo, our ups and our downs, our innermost feelings, and the marvelous way the Lord guided us to fight back and endure. His provision, protection, and daily guidance from the Scriptures and Holy Spirit amazed us.

Read our story and see how God can be an ever present Help when you face any trouble, too!

Price: $11.00


The Place

270353482Do you face a personal struggle in your devotional life, a struggle with consistent, daily, rich study of God’s Word? Then perhaps you need to acquire “a place.”

God met great men of the Bible at a certain place: Moses in the desert, Jacob at Bethel, Elijah at the brook Cherith, David in the sheep cote, and even Jesus had a place to which He resorted and cried out to the Father.

Maybe it is time for you to find “a place”, grab your Bible, a pen, and The Place, and gain some daily nuggets from God’s Word.

Price: $14.00



261811282Gambling is an addiction, not a game. But what are the characteristics of Gambling? Where did gambling come from? What attitude does a gambler have to have? What does the Bible say about the quest of riches and what it really menas to be rich? What principles does gambling violate? What Scriptures offer direction to the gambler? Is there really hope for someone addicted to gambling? How?

We offer What the Bible Says about Gambling as a help to those addicted to gambling (and to those who have facilitated a gambler) by answering these questions. May God help many with this instructive volume.

Price: $7.00


Speaking in Tongues

244556772At an influential time in my life as a teenager, I was taught that speaking in tongues is a heavenly language (the baptism in the Holy Spirit, they said) a necessity and the doorway to the Gifts of the Spirit. They taught us that those speaking in tongues were walking close to God. I followed their teaching to the point of even becoming a Pentecostal preacher.

But God began to convict me that this teaching was NOT at all what the Scriptures taught. This book explains how I was deceived and the truths that helped me “come out” when I became serious enough to know… What the Bible says about Speaking in Tongues.

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Grace Through Grief

36761076What happens when tragedy strikes? When grief overtakes your spirit? When sorrow overwhelms your heart? When you feel you will never smile or laugh again?

The unexpected tragic death of a loved one can be a crushing blow from which one thinks he will never recover. However, the Word of God offers tools to the believer to help him face that journey and obtain “grace through grief.”

Walk with the author through her journal following the unexpected home-going of a grandchild and the cloudy days and dark nights that followed. Discover how God demonstrated His divine presence and a “balm in Gilead” through His Word, the comfort of the Holy Spirit, and the encouragement of other believers in Christ.

Grace Through Grief – A Journey!

This book is a quick and easy read. It makes a great gift for a pastor, counselor, friend, or funeral director to give to help and comfort those facing grief.

Price: $7.50

Dress-A Reflection of the Heart

163703181A Fresh and Thorough Look at Dress for the Christian Lady Professing Godliness
1 Timothy 2:9-10

You may have heard Christian women say, “No one is going to tell me how to dress!” Does “no one” include God? Is it really important how we as Christian ladies dress? Are there Biblical guidelines concerning this controversial issue? If so, would you be willing to conform to those guidelines?

Discover how the U.S. Postal Service, the World Wars, and Hollywood affected dress in chapter one. Learn the two primary Biblical principles concerning dress in chapters three and four. Chapters two and five lay a doctrinal foundation. Don’t miss the testimonies in chapter seven showing how God has spoken to other ladies’ hearts concerning this topic.

Join us as we explore the clear Biblical mandate to ladies about their appearance in Dress – A Reflection of the Heart.

Chapter titles include: History of dress, Separation, Modesty, Identification, Worldliness, Surrender, Testimonies, and Provision.

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Clouds of Adversity-Valleys of Despair

36761060A Cup of Cool Water in your Valley

Broken relationships, the loss of a loved one, menopause, a wayward child, misunderstandings, backslidings – all of these are enormous stress-producing agents.

When adversity strikes, how should you react? Do loneliness, depression, bitterness, anger and grief fill your days and consume your thoughts? Have you wondered where the Lord is? Have you felt like giving up?

Study with Shirley and discover Biblical truths and applications. Enjoy her research and timely poems and quotes. Savor her detailed personal “valley” experience. Read the testimonies of some who have traveled the cloudy path before, and let them bring you refreshment. Stop at this oasis and drink-in some stress-reducing insights to help in your current valley.

Keep looking Heavenward. The Son is about to break through!

Chapter Titles include: Clouds and Valleys; Cloud of Struggle – Valley of Woes (Author’s personal testimony); Cloud of Separation – Valley of Worry; Cloud of Sorrow – Valley of Weeping; Cloud of Stress – Valley of Wretchedness; Cloud of Sin – Valley of Withering Bones; Clearing Skies and Rising Valleys (personal illustrations); Conclusions.

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Rescue 911 – Spiritual Diseases

36761063The recent outbreak of obesity in our nation has the medical field scrambling with treatments of diet, medication, and exercise. Would we as Christians be as concerned with spiritual obesity and internal struggles of the heart? What is spiritual obesity? Do we find it in God’s Word? What does the Great Physician say about our spiritual obesity? What prescriptions does He write for our heart diseases?

This book deals with those questions and addresses the covert sins of anger, bitterness, jealousy, pride, and rebellion – those spiritual problems which harden the heart of the believer, causing internal spiritual decay and even physical health problems.

Each lesson is outlined using causes, symptoms, Biblical examples, and treatments. Loaded with Scripture and suggested teaching ideas, you will find this book a handy resource for ladies’ classes, family devotions, home-school Bible classes, and your own personal devotional time.

Price: $8.00

Harmony in the Home

36590749Many homes today are in turmoil over the basic issues discussed in this new series. In this exciting book on the home, you will find many Scriptural keys which will help you unlock the doors to your home problems, provide renewed motivation in child training, and restore healing in your family relationships.

This book is for you if:

  •  You have become apathetic about training and disciplining your children;
  • You have little or poor communication with your family;
  • You struggle paying your bills and staying out of debt;
  • You lack contentment and peace in your home;
  • You have failed to put Christ at the head of your home;
  • You need some new, creative ideas for spending time with your children;
  • You have a friend who could benefit from the basic principles discussed therein.

(Great for pre-marital counseling, bridal shower gifts, wedding gifts, and ladies’ birthday gifts)

This is a “quick read” containing Biblical principles and helpful suggestions which will bring harmony to your home.

Price: $8.60


Prayers of Christ

36590772If you could be an apprentice alongside the greatest violinist and hear him play all of his masterpieces, what a learning experience that would be for a musician. In this volume, you are placed near Jesus Christ as He prays the twenty recorded prayers to the Father.

Each chapter takes you to another circumstance and scene of our Lord seeking the Father, and what you can learn about effective prayer from the Master.

We recommend that every Pastor, Pastor’s wife, missionary, evangelist, youth leader, Sunday School teacher, staff member, serious Bible student, and every parent have a copy for their library. This study would be worthy of a series in your Bible Class, Sunday School Class, Midweek service, Prayer Meeting, or family devotions.

Price: $9.00

Gifts of the Spirit

36789013The Bible is clear that God provides the church with special gifts to operate with power and be effective. To deny or ignore these gifts is a fatal mistake. To misuse them is a grievous error.

Bible believing churches and Christians must understand this important teaching. While we emphasize so many topics over and over again, we often skim over this one. Few Bible believing authors and pastors deal with it other than a cursory mention in passing. Indeed, Paul wrote,

1 Corinthians 12:1 Now concerning spiritual gifts, brethren, I would not have you ignorant.

Gifts of the Spirit is a one of a kind book that surveys the eighteen New Testament Gifts giving examples, uses, tendencies, and warnings.

Price: $9.00

The Head Covering

36777067This 40+ page book explains in a simple, step-by-step method that the Bible does not command women to wear an artificial head covering. The 9 chapter book includes: chapters on historical and cultural aspects, verse by verse discussion of the 1 Cor. 11:3-16, a thorough examination of the meaning of cover and uncover, as well as an Appendix with quotes from popular authors on this topic. Submission is commanded. However, the biblical sign of that submission is not an artificial head covering.

A pastor is faced with folks who need to know the answer to this question of whether they need to wear an artificial head covering or not. Here is a brief, yet thorough book he can place in their hands. May God use this volume to clear the air for many honest seekers.

Price: $7.00

Tattoos, Body Piercings, & Cuttings

36777074The problems in our culture foster questions from our congregation like: Is there anything wrong with tattoos? Does the Bible address body piercings? What does God say about cuttings? Does God care about these issues?

This book is one pastor’s attempt to address these concerns from the Bible. If you are struggling in one of these areas and are sincerely searching for God’s will in it, this volume will help you.

We recommend that every Pastor, Pastor’s wife, missionary, evangelist, youth leader, teen Sunday School teacher, staff member, serious Bible student, and/or every parent and teen have a copy for their library.

Price: $7.00

What the Bible Says About Drinking

36777105The matter of drinking alcohol is an issue of debate in every generation. However, there is no debate if we look at the Scripture. God makes Himself clear on this matter. The goal of this book is to help the honest seeker who wants to know God’s truth on this social issue.

Does God condone drinking wine or alcohol? Does God let drunkards into the Kingdom of God? What about social drinking? Are AA’s philosophy and methods biblical? How do you answer common arguments that seem to approve drinking alcohol? What steps can a drinker take to be free from alcohol forever?

The answer to these questions and more are in this little book. May God deliver many from this destructive addiction.

Price: $7.00


Men of the Bible, volume 1 – Profiles in Genesis

36777064A gem is a precious stone that is cut, polished, and engraved–a stone which we highly value, admire, and cherish. Books we purchase either sit on a shelf for the day when we will need them, or capture our attention to take time to read right now. Those we read and learn from become polished stones in our library of jewels.

This volume is a launching pad for a series of sermons, Sunday School lessons, Youth lessons, Bible studies, or personal enrichment studies. The size makes it easily achievable in a few days of reading. Any Christian can benefit from the lessons taught.

The variety of outlines, nuggets, anecdotal material, word studies, research, and applications make this … a gem find.

Price: $8.60

Women of the Bible, volume 1 – Helpmeets & Homemakers

36750719Are you tired of the same old shallow romance novels? Would you like to read true Biblical accounts and gain insights that can really help you—about helpmeets and homemakers of the past?

In this book you will find romance, suspense, and intrigue surrounding these ten Bible ladies. You will find meditations on what it was like for Eve during her pregnancy. Who was the first missionary wife? How did two sisters cope with marriage to the same man? What are the ABC’s of an ideal homemaker? Is it possible to train a child for the Lord when you are married to an unbeliever?

Learn the answers to these questions and much more from Shirley’s diligent research. Discover how God was there for these ladies during days of illness, fatigue, and stress. And learn how He promises to be there for you, too, when you face similar circumstances today. Glean rich nuggets about these women of yesteryear in …Women of the Bible, volume 1 – Helpmeets and Homemakers.

The women studied in this volume are: Eve, Sarah, Rachel & Leah, Jochebed, the virtuous woman, Mary-the mother of Jesus, Elisabeth, and Lois & Eunice.

Each volume in this series will have several pages of bibliography used in its research.

Price: $8.60

Women of the Bible, volume 2 – Faithful & Fruitful

36750723What does it take to be a faithful and fruitful woman for the Lord? Come along with me as we take a journey into the lives of eleven Bible ladies. We will discover the character traits they possessed which allowed them to produce fruit during difficult circumstances in their own lives.

How did a harlot trust in the Lord and save her whole family from destruction? Who fulfilled the role of a traitor and a heroine? What young widow found romance a second time around? How did two sisters face a death in the family? Who was the first woman to see the resurrected Christ? Which ladies managed their businesses?

Allow your spirit to be edified and your heart to be encouraged as you read and meditate on these jewels of the past. Sit down – grab a cup of tea – and enjoy volume 2 of Women of the Bible – Faithful & Fruitful.

This volume includes studies on: Rahab, Jael, Ruth, Mary & Martha, Mary Magdalene, Dorcas, Rhoda, Lydia, Priscilla, and Phebe.

Price: $8.60

Women of the Bible, volume 3 – Helpless & Hurting

36750728Are you facing a “wilderness experience” in your life – a time of testing, tragedy, trial, and turmoil? Have you forgotten past deliverances and focused only on present difficulties? Then, travel through the Scriptures with these ten Bible ladies and discover the comfort, healing, and restoration available to — the Helpless and Hurting. Learn, as these ladies did, how to keep your heart fixed and your mind focused on the blessings, mercies, provisions, and presence of the Lord in your life.

This volume studies the following ladies: Hagar, Dinah, Jephthah’s daughter, Naomi, Hannah, Rizpah, Tamar, the widow of Zarephath, the Shunamite woman, and the Syrophenician woman.

Price: $8.60

Women of the Bible, volume 4 – Powerful & Prestigious

36750732In this volume of the Women of the Bible, you will meet ten more great ladies of the past: a songleader and poetess, prophetesses, queens, a judge and political leader, and even an ambassador. These ladies offer us lasting examples about making an appeal, committing to a greater cause, avoiding temptation, and serving in leadership positions. The Bible will come alive for you as you study these Powerful and Prestigious ladies of yesteryear.

This volume studies the following ladies: Miriam, Deborah, Abigail, Bathsheba, Queen of Sheba, Huldah, Vashti, Esther, Anna, and Pilate’s wife.

Price: $8.60

Women of the Bible, volume 5 – Carnal & Conniving

36750736In this final volume of the Women of the Bible, you will read about twelve women who developed their own agenda – twelve women who struggled with authority and yielded to their own fleshly, carnal desires. Who were these ladies? Some were housewives and mothers; others were queens and ladies in leadership positions. One was even a member of the first local church. What happened to them? Some died violent deaths, while others lived on in darkness and despair. May these short Biblical biographies inspire you to a closer walk with the Lord – to walk after the Spirit and not after the flesh.

This volume studies the following ladies: Lot’s wife, Rebekah, Zipporah, Delilah, Michal, Jezebel, Athaliah, Herodias & Salome, Sapphira, and Drusilla & Bernice.

Price: $8.60

Laugh With Lucy – Real life humor from Shirley Starr

94923926We know from God’s Word that a merry heart is like a medicine, a tonic for one’s soul and spirit. We are told in Proverbs 18:14 that a man’s spirit will sustain his infirmity. How long has it been since you have had a good laugh at yourself? This book is a compilation of hilarious happenings in the life of the author – things which have happened to all of us at one time or another – bloopers and blunders from day to day – placing something on top of the car and driving off with it, taking someone else’s grocery cart, climbing into another person’s car, and on and on. Allow your funny bone to be tickled and your spirit to be refreshed as you read these anecdotes and laugh along with Lucy and her family.

Price: $8.00

ABC Character Stories (for children age 4-10)

284201744Children of today are immersed in the advanced technology of computer games, texting, cell phones, and the entertainment world of media.  Sadly, they often lack training in godly character.

What better way to instill Biblical character traits than through a story illustrating that trait. Children love stories!  Adults love stories!  Jesus used many parables and stories in His public ministry to convey a spiritual truth.

May this small book be a “come alongside” tool for grandparents, teachers, and parents to pique a child’s interest in acquiring Biblical character traits.  These short stories are designed for ages 4-10 and can be read by older children themselves or read and re-told by parents during a family devotional time.

Price: $7.00