Meet the Coomers

Coomer-NewDr. and Mrs. Terry L. Coomer have two  adult daughters, who are married, and three precious granddaughters. Dr. Coomer has served as a Pastor, home missionary, Bible College teacher, and as the Publisher of the nation’s fastest growing daily newspaper. He has more than 38 years successful experience as a Pastor and holds four degrees with a Bachelor of Arts in Bible, Graduate in Theology, Master of Theology, and a Doctor of Theology degree. Dr. Coomer is the author of the book Rearing Spiritual Children To Serve The Saviour, Tongues Speaking in the Book of Acts and I Corinthians, How to Deal With Hurt, How to Have a Daily Time With God, The Most Important Key In Rearing Children to Serve God, Dealing With Anger, How To Have A Real Relationship With God, The Difficulties of Pride In Our Lives, How To Deal With Bitterness, Why We Use The King James Bible, The Thought Life Of The Christian, How to Deal With Worry, Anxiety, and FearThe Anatomy of A Rebel-How To Have The Wisdom of God Not to Be One, What Should I Do If I am Doubting My Salvation, How Do I Find Hope from My Grief?-My Story of Overcoming Grief and has taught and written extensively on Biblical Counseling and family related issues. Dr. Coomer believes in expository preaching and verse by verse Bible teaching. Dr. Coomer has taught through the New Testament verse by verse on Wednesday evening.

Mrs. Coomer (Kim) teaches Junior Church and home schooled her two daughters. She has more than 38 year’s experience as a Pastor’s wife and more importantly as a godly mother, Titus 2:3-5. The girls grew up serving the Lord. They learned at home at a young age the importance of serving our Lord, Mark 10:45.

Both Dr. and Mrs. Coomer have had advanced training in Biblical Counseling. The counseling ministry of Dr. and Mrs. Coomer has helped many families across America find the Biblical answers to the most serious questions of life. They also have a counseling ministry to pastors and their families. Hope Baptist Church maintains a Biblical Counseling and Training  Center to help people sort out the issues of life. Dr. Coomer preaches across the country in Hope Biblical Living Conferences in the local church. To have a meeting at your church, receive a monthly e-mail, or other needs he may be contacted at (501) 983-4403,  To help you Biblically change your life there are many helpful articles and material on our web site at

Pastor and Kim started Hope Baptist Church in North Little Rock-Sherwood, Arkansas in February, 2010. Dr. Coomer is an outstanding Bible teacher and those who come to our church and listen marvel at what they learn in our services. We are glad to have Pastor and Kim teaching us the important aspects of how to walk with God as they have sacrificially given their lives to help many people. We are glad for their servant minded leadership of our church.