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Hope Biblical Counseling Center-National Biblical Counseling Training Conference, August 27-30, 2024 Good News Baptist Church, Mullingar, Ireland

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Dr. Terry Coomer is the author of 21 books and booklets and hundreds of articles that are extremely practical.  He skillfully uses God’s Word to help people make Biblical long term change in their lives.  All of Dr. Coomer’s books and booklets are used in our Biblical Counseling Program.  Visit the bookstore to see this life changing material. 

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For the last 30 years Dr. Terry Coomer has done preaching/teaching meetings for Hope Biblical Counseling Center Ministries. He does Hope Biblical Living Conferences as well as the Hope Baptist National Biblical Counseling Training Conferences. He skillfully uses God’s Word to help people make Biblical long term change in their lives,  His purpose is to give people real Biblical hope in their lives. Click on the icon to schedule a meeting. 

YouTube Counseling

Visit our You Tube Channel where you will find helpful life changing videos by Dr. Terry Coomer that deal with the Biblical Counseling needs of our day such as depression, fear, anxiety, adversity, bitterness, anger, marriage, and many other perplexing issues of our day. Practical teaching and Biblical answers giving people real hope in their lives. 

Audio Sermons

Visit our Audio page where you will find more than 300 powerful messages on many of the needs of our day.  Dr. Coomer has dealt with many issues going back to the Bible for answers for our life and hope. God’s Word has the answers for each of us and how we find that God wants us to have Biblical hope and answers in our lives. 

Church Placement

On a regular basis we receive inquiries from churches who are looking for a pastor. We also receive many inquiries from pastors looking for positions in churches.  We maintain a list of churches who are looking for a pastor and pastors who are looking for churches.  It is called the Independent Baptist Church Placement List.  We are thankful that several hundred churches have been able to get a pastor through the Independent Baptist Church Placement List. Click on the icon for more information.

Counseling Articles

Dr. Coomer provides an article each week on different Biblical Counseling subjects. The response to this has been greatly encouraging.  Lives are being changed dramatically by these articles and we praise God for it! It has been our joy to send these emails of Biblical Counseling subjects to people every week.  Click the icon for information on how to subscribe.  


Many people have been helped by the ministry of Hope Biblical Counseling Center Ministries.  Please click the icon to see the Pastor’s testimonies where Dr. Coomer has preached and taught. In these life changing meetings the Holy Spirit has worked in people lives to help them learn how to have and live a Spirit controlled life.   



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