Dr. Coomer’s Preaching Schedule

Dear Brethren,
Dr. Coomer does preaching/teaching meetings for Hope Biblical Counseling and Training Center, a ministry of Triumph Baptist Church, Great Falls, MT.  Dr. Coomer has more than 43 plus years experience as a Pastor/Biblical Counselor.  Every year for the last 43 years Dr. Coomer has preached and taught in different churches in many states and foreign countries.

Dr. Coomer does Hope for You Biblical Living Conferences. These conferences are for learning, How To Have a Real Relationship With God-The Work of The Holy Spirit In a Person’s Life, How to Have a Daily Time With God, How to Build and Have a Godly Marriage, How to Deal With Bitterness, How to Deal With Anger, How to Deal With Worry, Anxiety, and Fear, How to Live A Spirit Controlled Life, and Rearing Spiritual Children. They are family oriented and Biblical Counseling/Discipleship subjects. These are generally Sunday through Wednesday meetings. However, we are available for meetings that are one to five days in length. We also do Spiritual Encouragement Sundays. We have a book table with godly literature, compact discs, and DVD’s on the home, children, marriage, and Biblical Counseling/Discipleship. Being the author of 21 books and booklets on many Biblical Counseling subjects it is our desire to help strengthen the local church and helping to create godly families. For more information visit the Bookstore | Hope Biblical Counseling Center. 

We also do a Hope Baptist National Biblical Counseling Training Conference each year. For more information go to Hope Biblical Counseling Training Conference | Hope Biblical Counseling Center.  This is an exciting 4 days of learning how to deal with people Biblically and to help them make Biblical long-term changes in their lives.  You will receive Biblical counseling training on how to counsel people or set up a Biblical Counseling program in your church. Upon completion of the course, you will receive a certificate stating you have completed a course of study in Biblical Counseling.  We believe the Bible has the answer for people’s lives. Therefore, we skillfully use the Bible to help others to make Biblical long term change in their lives. Hundreds of pastors, church staff, and lay people have attended these conferences. It has been a life changing event!

Please note:  We are now scheduling meetings for 2024 and 2025.  We have only a couple of spots left for 2024.

If you would like to schedule a meeting you may contact us at:

Hope Biblical Counseling and Training Center
Missionaries to America’s Forgotten Mission Field
Dr. Terry L. Coomer, Director
Ministry of Triumph Baptist Church
500 2nd Ave. SW
Great Falls, MT 59404
(501) 596-2870


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Hope Biblical Counseling Center Ministries
Ministry of Triumph Baptist Church
Dr. Terry L. Coomer, Director
500 2nd Avenue S.W.
Great Falls, MT  59404