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The following web sites may be helpful to parents and families who desire information in helping strengthen their family or to use in the education of their children. Hope Biblical Counseling Center is only providing this information for research and education purposes. Because the information is here does not mean we agree with everything on the sites or endorse the web sites. This page is listed alphabetically. If you find a broken link please contact us so we can correct it.

ACCES/Academic Christ Centered Educational Services
Central Christian Academy was established in 1990. We function as a private Christian school, assisting those who are involved in teaching their children from 1st through 12th grades. We have classrooms all over the USA and the world, with the parent as the teacher of their children in their classroom at home. We strive to keep costs low and administration simple. Our service is fast and courteous. Look our brochure over and our financial costs. We have an online application available to print out and send in under forms above. Academic Advisors are only a phone call away M-F, 9 to 5 Eastern time, if you have questions at 1-800-806-2140! Provides access to ACE/School of Tomorrow. We also provide retail curriculum to Homeschoolers and retail/wholesale to private schools.

A.C.C.E.S., Inc ( – Our retail/wholesale store.
Central Christian Academy ( – Our private home-based school.
School Supplies Online ( – Our online catalog/storefront.

Archivist Vault
A collection of historical and government American documents. Included are the Articles of Confederation, the Bill of Rights, Declaration of Independence, first Thanksgiving proclamation, the Mayflower Compact, the U.S. Constitution, the Gettysburg Address, an autobiography of Benjamin Franklin, second amendment issues.

Ames Hymns Collection
A collection of MIDI files. There is also a link to the Ames Classical Collection.

Berean Call
The ministry of Dave Hunt. Information on different cults and movements.

Bethaven Baptist Seminary and Counseling Center 
Dr. Rick Carter, Pastor and President,


    The Beth Haven Counseling Center is a ministry Beth Haven Baptist Church. We offer Pastoral, Biblical Counseling and use only the truths and principles found in the King James Bible to combat and overcome problems and life-debilitating sins. Our Center is staffed with trained Biblical Counselors, Certified through Beth Haven Baptist Seminary. No financial obligation is imposed upon those seeking counseling; however a love-offering is strongly suggested for the Biblical Counselors. To schedule counseling please call 405.691.6990

    H.O.P.E. – Helping Others Put off Entanglement is an international addictions program developed in 2008 and has been an exciting ministry for churches across the country and around the globe.

    Beth Haven Baptist Church – We want to help you to have a close relationship with Jesus Christ. Each of our services is intended to help you open your heart to God in old-fashioned, spiritual worship. We sing the great hymns of the faith that not only express the greatness of our God, but also magnify His Word.

Be a Weather Spotter from Home
Teaching children about how to spot bad weather from home.

Bible For Today
Dr. Donald Waite is the director of this ministry. A prolific writer, he has hundreds of books and pamphlets on the Bible version issue, biblical separation, etc. Excellent verse by verse Bible teaching which can be listened to on the Internet.

Bible To You Ministries
The ministry of Carl and Kay Early to provide discipleship Bible studies on CD and by mail.  Covers Bible basics, Bible Doctrine, New Life Series, God’s Word Preserved.  Materials are free but donations accepted.

Chick Tracts
Colorful tracts on many different subjects.
P.O. Box 3500
Ontario, California, 91761-1019
(909) 987-1019

Christian Answers Creation Page
Online articles on creation and evolution

Christian Connection
A collection of text files, programs, and clip art maintained by the Christian Connection BBS in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Listed topically. Not necessarily all sound.

Christians Evangelizing Catholics
A site containing the Gospel and a large amount of information exposing the error of Roman Catholicism.

Christian Law Association
Dr. David Gibbs, Director, provides free legal counsel to Christians, churches, and legal information.
P.O. Box 4010
Seminole, FL 33775
(727) 399-8300

Christian Research Institute
There are two sites containing material from the Christian Research Institute. An unofficial web site for the CRI containing hundreds of articles on a wide variety of subjects relating to cults. The official web site contains another variety of information, including back broadcasts of the Bible Answer Man radio program on RealAudio and an Online Catalog. Please note that the CRI is not a dependable source for information concerning Roman Catholicism, Seventh-day Adventism, Worldwide Church of God, Pentecostalism, ecumenicalism, or the Bible version issue.

Clean Internet
Provides a filtering system for your computer to filter out non spiritual items and provides internet e-mail. or
Clean Internet, Inc.
P.O. Box 892
Chesterton, IN 46304

Conversion Tables
Convert length, area, speed, temperature, etc. into different units and systems.

Covenant Eyes
Monitors the individual’s internet usage and emails reports to selected people for accountability. A husband can have the e-mails sent to his wife. A pastor can have them sent to his deacons. Parents can receive reports on their children’s browsing history. The accountability report lists web sites visited, internet searches, and the times of day when the Internet is used. It also features a score that ranks the individual’s level of objectionable internet usage. Covenant Eyes also has a filtering service that can be used in combination with the accountability service.

Creation Museum
The state-of-the-art 70,000 square foot museum brings the pages of the Bible to life, casting its characters and animals in dynamic form and placing them in familiar settings. Adam and Eve live in the Garden of Eden. Children play and dinosaurs roam near Eden’s Rivers. The serpent coils cunningly in the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil. Majestic murals, great masterpieces brimming with pulsating colors and details, provide a backdrop for many of the settings., 2800 Bullittsburg Church Rd.
Petersburg, KY 41080 Phone: (888) 582-4253, Customer service: (800) 778-3390

Disciple Maker Ministries-This is the ministry of Dr. Lance Ketchum.  The web site contains several good book on a variety of subjects.

Easton’s Bible Dictionary
As part of GOSHEN’s Online Study Library, Easton’s is linked to Nave’s Topical Bible, The New Topical Textbook, Vine’s Expository Dictionary, and Hitchcock’s Bible Names Dictionary. Anytime a reference can be found in any of the other online tools a hyperlinked symbol will be placed next to the reference, allowing you to immediately jump to that resource and expand your study capabilities.

Education Plus
Curriculum and other resources for home schoolers.

Electronic Zoo
Large Internet resource pertaining to animals of all types.

eLibrary Research:  Search any topic using a database of current newspapers, magazines, books and more.

Encylopedia Britannica:  Online version of one of the world’s best sources of information on every topic imaginable.

Fact Monster:  Designed for kids of all ages, this site offers an amazing array of facts and figures in addition to homework help, an almanac, dictionary and much more.

Fairhaven Baptist College
Independent Baptist College located in Chesterton, IN. Ministry of Fairhaven Baptist Church with excellent music.
86 East Oak Hill Road
Chesterton, IN 46304
(219) 926-6636

Faith Music Ministries
A wide selection of edifying, Christ-honoring Christian music. Also has a book store with a wide selection of home school materials.
Boeke Road Baptist Church
P.O. Box 2463
Evansville, IN 47714
(800) 867-0554

Fellowship Tract League
Provides gospel tracts in several different languages for free. A Ministry of Fellowship Baptist Church, P.O. Box 164, Lebanon, OH 45036, 513-494-1075,

Freedom Baptist Curriculum
Landmark Baptist Church
2222 East Hinson Ave.
Haines City, FL 33844
800-700-5322, 941-421-2937 (voice)
941-422-0188 (fax) (e-mail).

Fundamental Baptist Information Service Topical Information Database
Dr. David Cloud is the director of this ministry. This web site contains books and articles distributed by the Way of Life Literature’s Fundamental Baptist Information Service. The articles are arranged topically under a wide variety of categories. One the largest selections of fundamental Baptist materials on the Worldwide Web. Excellent material.

Fundamental Broadcasting Network
24 hour fundamental radio outreach available over the Internet.

Fundamental Evangelistic Association
The F.E.A. publishes the bi-monthly Foundation magazine. The editors are M.H. Reynolds, Jr., and Dennis Costella. Their new web site contains material from the magazine, dozens of excellent articles dealing with various issues, and many other things.

Gallup Organization:  Search thousands of poll results, special reports, societal trends and social audits.

Guide to Online Libraries
Extensive links to libraries available via the Internet.

Hope Biblical Counseling and Training Center
A ministry of Triumph Baptist Church, Great Falls, Montana, Dr. Terry Coomer, Director.  Hope Biblical Counseling Center is dedicated to helping people find hope and help in dealing with the serious issues of life through Biblical Counseling. Literature, on site Biblical Counseling, CD’s DVD’s, Biblical Counseling conferences and training, world wide ministry of helpful articles.   We provide a weekly e-mail article to subscribers.

Arthur Hernandez, Pastor
Dr. Terry L. Coomer, Director
Hope Biblical Counseling Center
500 2nd Avenue S.W.
Great Falls, MY  59404
(501) 596-2870

Heads Up
Is a bi-weekly publication dealing with the religious issues of the day published by Pastor Buddy Smith.  Heads Up is a ministry of Grace Baptist Church, Malanda, Old, 4885, Australia, P.O. Box 684,Malanda, Old, 4885.  Phone:  07 4096 6657, Email:,

Hitchcock’s Bible Names Dictionary
As part of GOSHEN’s Online Study Library©, Hitchcock’s is linked to Nave’s Topical Bible, Vine’s Expository Dictionary, Easton’s Bible Dictionary, and Torrey’s New Topical Textbook. Any time a reference can be found in any of the other online tools a hyperlinked symbol will be placed next to the reference, allowing you to immediately jump to that resource and expand your study capabilities.

Home School Discount Store
Extensive links to sites associated with home schooling.

Homeschooling Information and Home schooling Resource Pages
Another extensive list of links to sites associated with home schooling.

Homeschool Information
Another large collection of information about home schooling.

Hoovers Business Research:  Comprehensive index of more than 45,000 leading U.S. private and public companies.

An e-mail listing focusing on Independent Baptist missions. Discussion of missionary-related topics. Prayer requests. Information, etc. To send a message to this conference, write to If you ever want to remove yourself from this conference, you can send mail with the following command in the body of your email message: unsubscribe ibmissions. Another service of IBMissions is posting missionary prayer letters to their web site. The prayer letters can be sent to IBMissions, and they are archived for automatic retrieval. Address letters to:

Information Please Almanac:  Online almanac offering millions of interesting and useful facts on a variety of subjects.

Institute for Creation Research
This web site contains a vast amount of information on creation research. Extensive online catalog of materials. Roughly 100 of the ICR Impact pamphlets are online in text format. Look under Publications.

Internet Law Library
This site contains extensive listings of federal and state laws. Also contains laws of other nations, treaties, international law, law school library resources, attorney and legal profession directories, law book reviews and publishers, etc.

Internet Public Library:  An exhaustive collection of over 20,000 titles.

itools Research:  Collection of online research tools including dictionaries, translations, quotations and more.

Jonathan Barr’s Ministry to the Deaf
Jonathan Barr is an Independent Baptist missionary to the deaf. He travels to churches establishing deaf ministries and works with the deaf in other parts of the world. This site contains links to a number of other pages which contain information about the deaf ministry.

Just Bible
Provides King James Version of the Bible online and allows you to search for Bible verses on different subjects., 

Kent Hovind Creation Science Material
Contains Dr. Kent Hovind’s Creation Science materials. The materials include videos of debates on university campuses.

Kid’s Stuff
Links to children-oriented sites on the Internet.

Last Word
This is a collection offered by the New Scientist magazine, answering questions such as Why is the sky blue, Why is yawning contagious, etc. The questions and answers are interesting, but beware of the evolutionary slant of some of the material.

Library of Congress:  Easy to use reference catalog for accessing the collections of the Library of Congress.

Logos Communication
A good selection of articles on various topics, including laughing revival, new age, occultism, church history, suicide, etc. Pastor David Brown

Majesty Music
Sacred music and children’s music. Includes Patch the Pirate Music.
P.O. Box 6524
Greenville, SC 29606

Matthew Henry Commentary (abridged)
The abridged Matthew Henry Commentary is available at this site.

Matthew Henry Commentary (unabridged)
The unabridged Matthew Henry Commentary is available at this site.

Mega Mathematics
A site operated by the Los Alamos National Laboratory. “The MegaMath project is intended to bring unusual and important mathematical ideas to elementary school classrooms.” The site contains many different mathematical projects and challenges.

Methods of Bible Study by R.A. Torrey

Missionary Resources
Missionary resources listed by category, including equipment, audio visual, computer, home schooling, flags, filmstrips, foreign language literature, internet services, prayer letter printing, shipping, visual aids, tents, tracts, and water filters.

Modest Apparel
Their stated purpose is, “to provide women and girls with modest, feminine clothing.” Owned by Raymond and Laurie Kish.
122 Airport Road
Buffalo, MO 65622

National Archives:  National Archives online directory of U.S. Federal records.

Nave’s Topical Bible
The complete Nave’s Topical Bible is available at this site.

New Topical Textbook
Torrey’s Topical Textbook Online with full search and lookup features.

North Star Ministries
This site features outstanding books written by Dr. David Sorenson. Understanding the Bible Commentary series, Touch Not the Unclean Thing (defending the King James Bible), Training Your Children to Turn Out Right (outstanding), The Art of Pastoring, Have a Heavenly Marriage.
1820 West Morgan Street
Duluth, MN 55811

Online Bible: Audio Format
The King James Version of the Bible narrated by Alexander Scourby is online. You must have Real Audio to listen. This is, of course, free.

Online Tract Directory
A directory of tract ministries around the world, including addresses, web pages, titles of tracts, languages, and reviews.

Penny Wise Learning
Provides several different Christian home school curriculums at a discounted rate.

Perpetual Bible Reading Schedule
An interesting Bible reading schedule which takes one through the Bible in a year, but which mixes the daily reading to promote maximum interest. “Our plan makes sure that no day has repetitious material and there is always something exciting. The person tracks four passages each day. We know that all Scripture is profitable, and we’re not trying to be critical of any part of God’s Holy Word. We’re only trying to make the intake of God’s Word as appealing as possible, while at the same time covering all of the Scriptures.” Operated by Michael Lancto.

Plain Path Publishers
Gary Maldaner, Director. Excellent materials for Christian schools, home schoolers, and churches.
P.O. Box 830
Columbus, NC 28722
828-863-2736 (voice) (web site) (e-mail)

Play ‘n’ Talk
Comprehensive phonetics read and spell program.

Reference Material
A variety of online reference material, including American English Dictionary, Bartlett Familiar Quotations, Roget’s Thesaurus, Biographical Dictionary, City-Zip Code Lookup, Webster’s Dictionary, U.S. Census Information, and the World Factbook.

Reformers Unanimous
This web site has information about how to overcome addictions and they also have homes to help those who are addicted.
Steve Currington, Founder
P.O. Box 15732, Loves Park, IL 61132
(815) 986-0460,,

Sacred Music: Parents and families need to learn what good music is and what bad music is. Therefore, we offer the following list of places that does have Christ honoring Sacred Music because it is hard for families to find Christ honoring worshipful music to listen to. Please note that we cannot guarantee that all of the music produced by the following organizations and ministries is sound. It should also be noted, we do not agree with every publisher on this list and only link to this list as a reference and resource for the Christian family.

Scripture Memory Ministry This is a ministry to help people memorize the Bible by topic.  Books are available to teach how to memorize the Bible.  The ministry is directed by David Barker, who worked as a prison guard in a maximum security prison for 18 years and had to memorize the Bible to give prisoners a Bible answer.

David and Mary Barker
110 S. Mineral Springs Rd.
Porter, IN 46304
home: (219) 926-5161   cell: (219) 771-9916

Smith’s Bible Dictionary

Smithsonian Institution:  User friendly site from the world’s largest museum complex and research organization.

Solid Rock Youth Ministries
Dr. Bob Dewitt, Director
P.O. Box 44
Odessa, NY 14869

Solve Family Problems
Videos that deal with solving all kinds of family problems.
Dr. S.M. Davis
Park Meadows Baptist Church
800 Memorial Park Dr.
Lincoln, Il 62656

Starr Ministries
The ministry of Evangelist Randy J. Starr and his wife, Shirley Starr.  Starr Ministries, 220 S Pine St. Red Lion, PA 17356, Phone (717) 246-3762,  
Starr Ministries features clear Bible teaching and preaching, special brass music, piano, and vocal, and many book table resources.  We have an online bookstore
You will find a number of titles that we have written and books by other authors, all discounted Our 3-fold goal is found in Ephesians 4:11-12:  To Evangelize, Edify, and Equip.  Therefore, with our background, training, experience, and goals, we can assist a local church by: Revivals, All Day services or Single services, Pulpit fill, Speaking on Special Days, Bible Conferences; Missions Conferences, Family Camps & Couples’ Retreats, Family Emphasis Week or weekend, Thematic preaching on most any topic, esp. Family training, The End Time Events, Pentecostalism, The Church, Great Doctrines, Discipleship, Separation, Finances & Budget, etc. Both Randy and Shirley can teach block courses in a local Bible Institute or college. They can train men, women, parents, workers, Sunday School teachers, and Christian School students and teachers. Randy can preach in the chapels of Christian schools and colleges. Shirley can speak at ladies’ meetings or mother-daughter banquets in churches where Randy is preaching.  Often, the Pastor asks us to come for Shirley to speak to ladies at a Sat. luncheon or a split ladies’ Sunday School class while Randy is teaching the men. Pastor, if you have a special need, feel free to contact us to discuss booking a meeting.

Sword of the Lord Publishers
Publishers of the Sword of the Lord newspaper and they publish books on several different subjects. Dr. Shelton Smith is the director of this ministry. Good biography section.
P.O. Box 1099
Murfressboro, TN 37133-1099

The Baptist Page
Many things relating to Baptists–biographies, distinctives, books, graphics, links to related sites.

The Cyber Hymnal
This is a large resource. It contains a collection of more than 2,600 hymns and gospel songs organized alphabetically. We would not recommend every hymn, but there are some good ones in this collection. The MIDI arrangements are tastefully done, at least the ones we have listened to. The MIDI files are accompanied by the lyrics and articles explaining the background information pertaining to the hymn. There are also biographies of 120 hymn writers.

The Flaming Torch
Publishers of “The Flaming Torch”, America’s Independent Baptist Publication since 1959.

The KJV Store
Wide selection of King James Bibles for sale.

Thru the Bible Radio
Bible teaching ministry of Dr. J Vernon McGee. Has good understandable commentaries on each book of the Bible. Gives schedule of 30 minute Bible study programs on radio.
United States:
Thru the Bible Radio Network
P.O. Box 7100, Pasadena, CA 91109
Box 25325
London, Ontario N6C 6B1
Telephone: 1-800-65-BIBLE (652-4253)
Fax: 626-449-4430

Tornado Safety
Home Tornado Safety Guide US Insurance Agents
Safety Precautions for Tornado Season Travel Guide –

Treasury of Scripture Knowledge

Understanding Air Currents and Meteorology

U.S. Census Bureau:  A wealth of information about the U.S., broken down on a national, state, and local level.

U.S.  Department of Labor:  Bureau of labor statistics site containing current labor statistics and links to hundreds of state and federal agencies.

U.S. Federal Government:  Statistical information from over 100 federal agencies.

Verses Changed in the Modern Versions
A list of 300 verses which are changed in the modern versions as compared with the King James Bible.

Virtual Tours
This Site presents 100 museums, exhibits and areas of special interest which offer online multimedia guided tours on the Web. Most of the tours offer text and pictures; others also transmit sound and an occasional movie. These tours must be used with discernment. The Rock & Roll Hall of Fame is included, for example. But there are many interesting and profitable tours, such as that of the Presidential Libraries, Civil War museums, Trains Across America, the Soviet Archives, Expedition to Antarctica, Covered Bridges in Pennsylvania, Florida’s Lighthouses, the Grand Canyon, Nine Planets of the Solar System, USS Carrier Kitty Hawk, Photographs of the American Frontier, etc.

Weather Central for Kids! – A Guide to Weather Phenomena”

Weather Dude
A weather page especially for kids, parents and teachers. Includes “Meteorology A to Z.”

Weather-“The Ultimate Weather Resource Guide” –

Word Microsystems
Word Microsystems offers practically all of the various Bible software packages, including BibleWorks, Logos, Quickverse, PC Study Bible, Thompson Chain Bible Study Library, Online, Sage Computer Library, etc., at excellent discount prices.

Worldwide Missions
This site has missionary information, biographies, news, etc.

Yahoo’s Internet Blocking and Filtering page
An extensive list of links to software and networks which filter Internet content to block out unwanted material.
Yahoo Internet Blocking


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