Gossip, Those Who Hear It and Those Who Repeat It




In this life changing booklet, we are looking at an especially important spiritual principle. What is this very wicked sin that is hurting people, hurting the church, and hurting the cause of Christ today? In this booklet, Dr. Coomer takes us step by step on how to deal with gossip. The church today is struggling with spiritual paralysis because of carnality, and the wickedness of gossip. God takes a dim view of those who listen to gossip and spread gossip.

Have you ever been hurt so badly you did not know what to do? In our counseling program we hear all the time about how hurt someone is by something someone else said. Just remember, people may talk about something because they are covering their own sin. What they may be saying might not be true at all or is a very slanted version of events.

One of the things that has injured the church of Jesus Christ today and many families, is the issue of gossip. Most people who participate in gossip do not understand they are gossiping. In this booklet we are showing scripturally and powerfully why gossip is such a serious issue and how to deal with it.

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