How Do I Find Hope from My Grief?


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This is an excellent book on how to deal with grief and suffering. One Pastor said, “This book will be a great help to anyone who is experiencing grief, loss, and suffering. The answers are Bible based and very helpful. Get ready to learn real spiritual truth on this subject. I would recommend any Pastor having this book to give to people in their time of need.” In a deeply moving story, Dr. Terry Coomer takes us through the personal story of three people in his life who suffered immensely over a long period of time and how he learned to deal with his grief. Dr. Coomer said, “I have hesitated to write about suffering and grief because I wanted to be sure I could help and to do justice with the subject to help others. I have also hesitated to write about it because it is our personal story. I have tried in this book to share the great grief I experienced and how God in His gracious mercy taught me spiritual truth and helped me to deal with the suffering they experienced, and each situation in a Christ honoring way. It is my prayer that this story will be helpful to you. I have been a Pastor and a Biblical Counselor for many years. I have counseled many people through Hope Biblical Counseling for all those years. Yes, I have seen great tragedy and many difficult things in the lives of people. I have seen people who have been so hurt by people and the circumstances of life they were not sure if they could or would recover from the great hurt and grief that they felt. After a lot of thought, study, experience, and prayer I have decided to share my story and the conclusions I came to from God’s Word and by the Holy Spirit’s help to overcome my grief and find hope!”

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