How To Deal With Anger


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Pastor Coomer takes us step by step on how to deal with ungodly anger in our lives. He also shows us how to rear our children to not have an angry spirit. Many Christian’s homes, marriages, and children have been destroyed by ungodly anger in the home. Many Christians do not realize they have an angry spirit and do not realize the serious problems which result from their ungodly anger. A powerful exposition of the anger passages of the Bible. A must read if you are serious about wanting your children to grow up and serve God and desire practical help in dealing with the hidden sin of Christianity.

Testimony:  “I have to say after reading this booklet that this is a very thorough treatment of a much needed subject.  The farther I read the more I was under conviction about how I have treated my wife, children, and others.  I was convicted about all the damage I have done to my family. I would recommend anyone who has an anger issue or you think you have an anger issue to please read this booklet.  It not only tells you biblically why you have an issue, but how to fix it. I have thanked the Lord many times now for allowing me to read this booklet! Thank you Dr. Coomer for helping me and my family.”  Pennsylvania

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