How To Deal With Bitterness


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An outstanding booklet that covers in depth the subject of bitterness. Many Christian families are not serving God today because they have at one time been hurt in some way and they become bitter. The church today has a serious problem with bitterness and the gossip, false judgements, hateful talking, backbiting, pride, and arrogance that all come from bitterness in the heart! It gets root in your life, and many are defiled because of it. Many of the serious family problems in the church today come from bitterness. The tragedy to their lives, their children’s lives, and to the church is great. Dr. Coomer shows us the cycle many people go through and the Biblical answer to deal with bitterness in our lives. Extremely practical and greatly needed by families who are hurting. This booklet gives Bible answers not opinion. It helps us to understand that our fellowship with God and having a real intimate personal and passionate relationship with God, and being a Spirit controlled person are not optional equipment!

We hope it will be a great blessing and help many people make Biblical long-term change in their lives.

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