How To Have A Real Relationship With God-The Work of the Holy Spirit In a Person’s Life


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Many lives have been changed to glorify God by reading and applying the material in this booklet. The question is how do I have a Spirit controlled life and what does that mean? Dr. Coomer takes us step by step on how to have a real, intimate, personal, and passionate relationship with God. Many Christians are living their life in unrighteousness or self-righteousness (self-power) rather than righteousness and do not understand why they are unhappy, defeated, and discouraged. In fact, many are literally crying, devastated and destroyed. They fail to see how the devil works in their life and the devastating affect this has on their marriage, home, relationships, and children. This is a must read to understand why many Christians fail and the disasters that take place within their lives. How To Have A Real Relationship With God-The Work of the Holy Spirit in a Person’s Life will give you principles that will change your life to live a Spirit controlled life.

Testimony of a Pastor-Michigan, “I read your message on How to Have A Real Relationship With God. As much as I hate to admit it, I see the reason I am failing in the ministry is because I have served and lived with a self-righteous life rather than a real relationship with God. Thank you for helping me. This has changed my life.”

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