The Anatomy of A Rebel-How to Have the Wisdom of God Not to Be One


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In this marvelous book, Dr. Terry Coomer shares with us the answer and the cure to rebellion in the lives of people. After Biblically counseling many people over several years there is one trait that all rebels have. Dr. Coomer takes us through the process to help us Biblically make long term change in our lives. Statistics show that approximately 60 to 80 percent of all children who grow up in a Christian home do not go on to serve God. In fact, they many times lead horribly destructive lives. Many adults live destructive lives as well. They all have the same Biblical problem. You will be amazed at the answer which many pastors, leaders, and parents miss. The Anatomy of a Rebel-How to Have the Wisdom of God Not to Be One is a very important read to know how to deal with the rebellion that affects so many people. Dr. Coomer states, “Every rebel I have ever counseled, teen or adult has the same problem.”

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