Why We Use the King James Bible


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Testimonial from Dr. Don Jasmin, Publisher of the Fundamentalist Digest, concerning Why We Use the King James Bible. “In this 16 page booklet, Dr. Coomer has penned a brief, easy readable, simple and excellent treatise that is self-explanatory. KJB advocates ought to purchase this concise treatise by the wagon load and make them available to their undiscerning friends. Pastors should purchase multiple copies for distribution to all new members. Get this book in quantity! You won’t be disappointed.”

On occasion I have been asked why we at Hope Baptist Church use the “outdated” King James Bible. The issue of the text of the Bible became an issue for me as a Pastor in the early 1980’s. As I listened to different people I became concerned about the desire to literally do away with the King James Bible. Sitting in a preacher’s meeting several years ago I heard a leader of a fellowship of Independent-Fundamental Baptist Churches state, “The New International Version of the Bible is an easier Bible to read. I would suggest that you go home to your churches and encourage your people to use this new Bible!” That particular fellowship followed the advice of that noted leader and today they are at the liberal end of the New Evangelical movement with churches that no longer have the word Baptist in their church names. Therefore, I decided to study the issue with great care because of the importance it played in my life and the lives of the people God had called me to minister to. I studied and totally read 36 different books written by authors on both sides of the issue.

We wanted to create a booklet for the average person in the pew who wants to have a basic understanding of the subject. This booklet will be good for Pastors to give to people in their congregation or outside the church to simply explain the issue.

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