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rssRSS is a means by which you receive automatic notifications each time a new article is placed on the home page of our web site. It’s as though if we’d send you an email each time we publish an article on the front page. Unlike email, there is no filtering or junk mail intercepts so you are sure to receive the notifications.

RSS… A “Backup” to Hope Biblical Counseling Center article E-mail mailings

If you subscribe to our Hope Biblical Counseling Center mailings you should consider using RSS as a “backup” system. Here’s why… Each time we send out a mailing via email we have a number of emails returned as “un-deliverable.” This means you may not be getting all of your Hope Biblical Counseling Center e-mails. A large quantity of these rejected emails are due to spam filters. If you subscribe to our RSS feed you won’t miss anything. And you can simply use it for “backup” if you prefer reading the articles via email.

Why you might miss some of our articles

When an article contains a legitimate word that is often used in junk mailings your email provider’s system will sometimes simply reject it. For example, we see a good number of rejections when the subject is homosexuality. Believe it or not we’ve also had emails returned when the subject was the “lottery.” Spam filters read that and think it is junk mail so they refuse to pass it on to you.

So be sure you get each and every article by using RSS

RSS feeds are not “filtered” and they do not check for spam. That’s a good thing when you know that you can trust the source of the feed. You won’t miss any important articles!

How do I receive my Hope Biblical Counseling Center feed and how do I read it?

To subscribe to our feed simply click the RSS link on the right side of any page.  But before you attempt to subscribe make sure you have software to read the feed. Many email programs will accept RSS feeds. You may also use software that is designed for RSS reading. Just perform a web search for “RSS readers” or check your favorite download sites such as cnet.com or softpedia.com. For Mac, check macupdate.com for “RSS readers” and also check the app store. (You can also read RSS with Apple Mail.)

Subscribing to feeds

Setting-up your feed is easy. Simply click the link (or RSS feed icon) on our (or other) website and your Reader app will automatically launch and ask you if you want to add the feed. Simply click yes and you have a new feed!

Additional Info: Web feeds and readers

You may use an app called Reeder on my Mac, iPad, and iPhone. Reeder syncs to Google Reader so all devices stay synced with each other and with Google Reader.

Why special software and syncs? Are there that many feeds?

Once you discover RSS you’ll be hooked! You’ll be subscribing to other feeds and before long you have feeds and more feeds. Just search the web for “news fees,” or better yet, go to your favorite web sites and look for their RSS feeds. Just look at this list of RSS feeds for Apple Support. Subscribe to a feed and anytime that web page is updated you’ll know about it!

Thanks for reading about RSS!