If you wish to access our audio messages on different Biblical Counseling subjects preached and taught by Dr. Terry Coomer and other speakers you must create a user account. This section of our website is primarily used for our Hope Biblical Counseling Center counselees and those we are training in Biblical Counseling. These are people who have attended the Hope Biblical Counseling Center National Biblical Counseling Training Conference. However, anyone can create an account. If you are not a counselee or part of training to be a counselor, please contact our office at 501-596-2870 before trying to create an account. The purpose of having this page on our website is for people to be able to listen to life-changing Biblical teaching on subjects that are important for their lives. We are thankful for all the people who have been helped by these messages. People have received hope, help, encouragement, and Biblical long-term change in their lives from God and the ministry of Dr. Terry Coomer and Hope Biblical Counseling Center. You are welcome to listen to these messages. May the Lord encourage you as you listen to them. You may contact us at hopeforyou@hopebiblicalcounselingcenter.com.

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